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 BASIC Pricing 

Head Shots

    on location - 150.00


Location Sessions

(single location)

    1 hr   (up to 2 looks) - 200.00

    2 hrs (up to 4 looks) - 300.00

    3 hrs (up to 6 looks) - 450.00

(multiple locations)

   2 loc (up to 4 looks) - 300.00

   3 loc (up to 6  looks) - 550.00


Full Day

8 hrs - 1200.00

Studio Sessions

2 HRS - 300.00 

4 hrs - 500.00


    $50.00 per person added to package

All sessions will include digital images of all usable images shot, with basic editing (lighting & artistic adjustments),  and three(3) touched up images per look. Additional touch ups can be purchased for $15 per image.

 special Pricing 


Family Sessions

  includes: full family, parents only, children only portraits

    1 hr  (up to 2 looks) - 2250.00

Children Sessions

(12 and under)


(single location)  

    1 hr  (up to 2 looks) - 150.00

    2 hrs (up to 4 looks) - 200.00

(multiple locations)

   2 loc (up to 2 looks) - 200.00

   3 loc (up to 6 looks) - 300.00

(in studio)

   2 hrs  - 250.00

   Headshots - $150.00

Maternity Sessions

    2 looks(on location) - $200.00

Event Pricing 

School Pricing

Wedding Pricing

Alter-Ego Pricing

Graphic Design Pricing 


Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, all our service require a deposit which can be paid using our online booking tool.

How many pictures will I get?

We take roughly 20 - 30 shots per look.

You will get a copy of every usable image from the shoot.

What if I need more time?

Depending on availability, additional time will be added at a rate of $150 per hour, even if the full hour is not used.

Will the pictures be edited?

Each session includes 3 touched up images per look. We adjust lighting and artistic vision on every image.


How will I receive my images?

All usable images will be sent via digital download (G-Drive, Dropbox) Thumb drive available per request.

Do I pick the locations or do you?

If you have a location you want to shoot at we can shoot there, if not we pick the location according to the look you are shooting.

Do you travel, if so how much does it cost?

Yes, we do offer travel services. Most commonly at a rate of $75 per hour of travel time or flights/boarding.


How long after the shoot will the pictures be ready?

Depending on the editing needed, normally images are available with-in two weeks of the shoot.

What if I want something different that isn't in the pricing/packages?

We do offer custom packages for those with more unique request, please just fill out a contact us form and we will work with you.

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